Christian And Muslim Responses Essay

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How different were Christians and Muslim responses?

The differences between Christians and Muslims responses were....

The two faiths, Christianity and Islamic approach the Black Death in similar ways in

religiously, medically, and in dealing with the Jews.

Religiously the faiths saw that the Plague as coming from God. Both Christians and

Muslims believed different things. The Christians thought that the Plague came from god

as a punishment for their sins. And the Muslims thought that the Plague came from God as

a blessing and they should devoutly accept the act.. At first the Christians believe that it

was the entire Jews fault for causing the Plague. A lot of the Jews died for what the

Christians believed in. Muslims didn’t believe that
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Some of the preventions are the same for the Christians and for

the Muslims, but not all of the preventions are the same for both. Some of the similarities

are to build fires in their home to get rid of the bad air, and to drink liquefied American

clay, and to stay indoors, etc.... Both Christians and the Muslims had some similarities

about the Plague, who ever got the Plague would get small or big red bumps and it will

spread on the neck, under the armpits, and to the groins. After a few hours or days the

bumps would turn black, after that they would die. Over half the population of Christians

and the Muslims and other people would die because of the Black Death.

(Doc 5,3, Black Death DBQ)

Jews was not part of how the Black Death came to be. About sixteen thousand Jews

had died because of the Christians burning the Jews and because of the Black Death killing

World History 1 (DBQ)

almost all the Jews. Christians burned people no matter what age they were old or young

and finally the Christians stopped. After all, those Jews who had died the Christian