Christian /Counseling Essay

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Compare and Contrast Paper
Frank A. Daniels JR
Liberty University

Thesis In my reading I find that Dr. Crabb is very intriguing a very intellectual writer and has a way of convincing the reader with his philosophies. I will discuss the four perspectives: Goal of Christian Counseling, Basic Concepts, Basic Strategy, and Developing a Counseling Program in the local Church as recorded in Effective Biblical Counseling. Then will Compare and Contrast the assigned articles listed in the course.

Goal of Christian Counseling Dr. Crabb, stated, “many of us place top priority not on becoming Christ like in the middle of our problems but on finding
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Crabb stated, “The primary route for men to personal worth is significance and for women the primary route is security” (Crabb, 1977, p 62). It is the innate desire of men to be the breadwinner of his home, and do glorious things with a family. As a little boy, I wanted to be like my parents and grandparents but as I grew older, my path changed and all of those great things I saw as a child I later realized that it is so but there are struggles that comes with them. In addition, for women, God made them the weaker vessel they need to know that they taken care of and well protected in their homes. Dr. Crabb stated, “True significance and security are available only to the Christian, one who is trusting in Christ’s perfect life and substitutionary death as his sole basis of acceptability before a holy God. According to Dr.Crabb there are three stages whereby needs are met “Stage A. Christians has all of their needs met, Stage B. the best he can do is gain power or pleasure. However, power and pleasure do not satisfy the basic human need for feeling worthwhile. The Christian can repent and return to true significance and security. Apart from a personal relationship with God through salvation in Christ, no one can move from Stage B to A. When Stage C is reached, the stench of sin reaches God’s nostrils and provokes Him to judgment” (Crabb, 1977, p73). It is dangerous to fall into the hands of an angry God, the bible say’s what