Christian Formation Project 3 Essay

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Christian Formation
Annie Rochner

This is the story of when Jesus first started performing miracles by turning water into wine. This mystifying miracle was performed on the third day where wedding took place. It was a big wedding, but the couple hosting the wedding had a small amount of money. While Jesus was at the wedding his mother notices that there couldn’t be enough wine left for the rest of the ceremony. Mary then tells her son what she found out. Jesus dismisses Mary. Later on Mary tells the servants to do everything her son tells them. While everybody is enjoying themselves and drinking their wine, the wine amount starts to deplete. Then, Jesus notices that the wine is almost gone and he tells the servants to fetch six large stone water jugs. (The jugs normally hold dirty feet water that is used to wash the feet of the guest.) While Jesus waits the servants get the jugs. When they return with all the jugs Jesus tells them to fill the jugs with water. (The jugs can hold up to twenty to thirty gallons.) When the servants come back with the water they pour it into the stone jugs and He waves his hand and tells the servants to take some in the wine glass and give it to their master. The servants were scared to give the wine to their master because if it didn’t taste good they would get their heads cut off. When the servants’ master tastes the wine he tells Jesus that the wine was the finest wine that he had ever tasted. The master had the fine wine served to all the guests. The master thanked Jesus and the celebration went on. After the disciples had seen the wine change and tasted the wine they truly started to believe Jesus was the Messiah. After this they followed Jesus everywhere to witness more miracles and preach God’s word to the people. This miracle was only the begging of what was to come of these intriguing miracles. This miracle was His first miracle and must have been amazing to witness.

For the two miracles that I…