Christian Theology Essay

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In the beginning of time God created the earth and the animals, but not too much after he decided that his creation was missing something. So he created Adam and Eve. We all know how the story goes, God says not to eat from the forbidden tree, they do it anyway, and God banishes them from the Garden. Most people blame the Devil for this act of disobedience, but the true person at fault is God. In the video we watched “Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero” all the people were asking “If God is out there why isn’t he responding to this?” In a way these people were right to feel this way about God because yes if there is a God why would he not help these people out of a flaming building? These people believed that if God truly did love them he wouldn’t have made them and their loved ones suffer. This applies to the anecdote because even then God could have stopped Eve and even the devil from disobeying and dooming us all to a life of sin, but he didn’t. In the article “Five Arguments for God’s Existence” The author writes “God exists, we can know that, we can give reasons, and those reasons amount to proof, but not scientific proof, except in an unusually broad sense” (paragraph 1) This quote questions if God even exists or if he’s just a pigment of our imagination made up to help us feel less alone. This article connects back into the anecdote because if there isn’t actually a God and he only exists in our minds and hearts then it’s not his fault that Eve ate from the tree because he never existed to begin with. It would’ve been from Eve’s free will that she ate from the tree. In another part of the Article “The Argument from change” It talks about how everything had a beginning, or starting point and from that starting point all things begin to change and grow, and they stay