Essay on Christian World View and Organizational Behavior

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Christian Worldview & Organizational Behavior

How does your worldview line up with your behavior? “Organizational Behavior is the study human behavior in the workplace… to explaining, predicting, and control behavior” in organizations (DuBrin p. 2, para.6). I will provide a brief overview on my personal Christian Worldview and how Organizational Behavior plays a role in my daily work setting.

Throughout my time her at Belhaven, I am constantly shaping my worldview which is my overall perception as a Christian and aligning my beliefs, ethics and values with God’s ultimate plan for my life. I strive to inspire my team at work through my actions, in order to carry out our visions and goals. Dealing with various behaviors, backgrounds and cultures, this is not an easy task. You come to learn that people are not always willing to work with your plan. As a Christian, my goal is to teach through my actions, staying in constant communication with those involved in my work. I practice uplifting those surrounding me so that they become enlighten, which boost not only moral but also production. Blanchard and Hodges states
”Leading like Jesus is a lifestyle… It is following the example of Jesus as a servant leader and pouring your life into the lives of other people. It is about leaving a leadership legacy of service” (p. 256, para. 3).
Christ demonstrated the ultimate leadership skills while leading His followers during the some of the most adverse times leading up