Christmas Research Paper

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Erika Watson
September 11 2012
Government and Christmas

Many people forget the true meaning of Christmas. When you say Christmas many only think of presents, lights, and reindeer. Not the birth of Jesus. But the non-Christians think it is offensive to nativities of the birth of Jesus in public, since there are many other holidays happening around the same time. The first amendment states “freedom of religion” to U.S. citizens so in this case I do believe that the government has the right to have a nativity on their property.
The first amendment states freedom of religion so is it that they are able to celebrate any holiday at any time that they want. So, they would have the right to use any religious decorations they want. The government employees are United State citizens as well. So therefore government buildings should be able to be decorated for Christmas. People in the government who are not Christian also have the right to decorate any building they want in their religion. The problem is people don’t let them. This country was founded on Christianity meaning that we should celebrate Christian holidays to not forget out history. Christianity is very important to the majority of the population. Most people get to wind up in the whole material part of Christmas. They tend to forget about the whole meaning of Christmas. Christmas isn’t about what new game came out or who can use the most lights in their yard. Sure those things are exciting, but people should focus on what is most important. Christmas is about Jesus being born and everything