Christianity and Church Essay

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The Spirit of Vatican ll

This article goes about the original aim of the Church, its mission. Obviously, after more than two thousand years, the Church has changed, but after the Vatican ll Council, the missioned before mentioned was simplified and turned into what is supposed to be, a statement describing Christianity. Again the purpose of the Council was to,after those two thousand years, the Church had been deteriorated, establish the real description and job of the Church.

Body of Christ: we are called to be the body of Christ on Earth (ie. Jesus eyes, ears, hands...) mutually supportive of one another. We are called to apply Jesus’ principles to the mission and to our life, as he did, completely fulfill the mission by helping the others and taking care of them. The Vatican ll Council settled a fixed “Body of Christ”, the original meaning of the Church. Sacrament: we are called to be tangible, physical sign of God´s love in our world. As Christians we are called to live the mission, directly representing God, and only in beneficial of others. As I see, the pope felt the Church was losing its original “essence” , and called by the Holy Spirit he decided to clem the face of the Church and rewrite its aims, so that it could turn to be what it originally was started by Jesus and the Apostles. Vatican ll was, if anything, going back to the tradition to bring up things they could help the Church deal with the present.. If you want a phrase about the spirit of Vatican ll, I would say “peace on earth, good will to all”. This is the pure and clean definition of the church, what it originally was, and what it should be.

I now wonder how the Church will turn to be in a couple years, will it change? Hopefully, it won’t change, a lot. From my point of view, lots of money are given to the Church, money usually taken from scientific researches and soever. So what I am saying is they we, as the Church is supposed to help people, take all that money, (money that they do not need at all), and give it to the people who really need it. I learned…