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William Coy Philosophy and Ethics

Chapter 1: The Death of God In this first chapter Blackburn is trying to make a case about if god is “Dead or Alive.” And I believe that he does a good job of coming up with different ways to show each side. When you say is he “Dead or Alive” it is not meant to be taken his physical appearance, but his morals and standards. On page ten Blackburn writes, “If god is dead, everything is permitted? It might seem to be true: without a lawgiver, how can there be law?” With this statement he is really trying to make you think about if you can do whatever it is you want because God isn’t here to actually stop you. Now, people believe that if they do something wrong they can confess their sins to a priest and it will still allow them to go to heaven. But is that really true? If you believe that god is still alive then everything that you do he sees and you should be punished for it no matter what it is that you do. But if you see it as well he isn’t really alive I can do whatever I want I can confess my sins and still be right in the name of the lord. But if you feel that way, do you truly believe in god or do you jus say that so you have something to believe in.

Page 2. It says that in the Old Testament that god seems to have no problem with a slave owning society, birth control is a capital crime, he is keen on child abuse and he approves of fool abuse. If all of this is true how do we look to god as lawgiver. These statements shouldn’t be considered true just because it was written in the bibl. In our society all of these things are looked down on. Back when slavery was around, God wrote that it was a good thing. But today we see that as a terrible thing that black African Americans had to go through such an…