Christianity and God Essay

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2/18/2013 Religion isn’t a vital part of my life and it’s not something I necessarily believe in. By saying that, it does not mean I don’t have a religion or I didn’t grow up religious, because I did. I come from very religious family with firm beliefs. As I grew older and learned new things I also began to doubt things I was told when I was younger. Stories I heard at church started to sound like fairytales and other religions would contradict my own and I wonder what the truth was. I was born to Catholic family from Mexico and I was baptized Catholic when I was a year old. My mom would take me and brothers to church every Sunday for Mass. As a kid church wasn’t too interesting to me. The real reason I ever even wanted to go was for the free coffee and donuts. I had something to believe in though, because of all the things mom would tell me about God, The Virgin Mary, and Jesus Christ. My mom taught me all my prayers to and how to ask for forgiveness. In a way the church taught me right from wrong and it scared me to think what would happen to me if I did something wrong and I believe that was the whole point. As I grew older I started to have so many questions about God and Christ and the stories from the bible. Questions like why are we been with original sin or how can God hear me when and everyone else at the same time. I think the worst part of it was that no one could give me any answers or any answers that I understood anyway. My mom’s answer to every question I had was “don’t question God” or “just because”. I don’t know if it was me just being a rebellious teenager or the lack of answers to my questions, but I drifted away from religion and I stopped going to church. Religion then became uninteresting to me and irrelevant. I had stopped going to church, I refused to do my first