Christianity and holy People Essay

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Ever wonder what went on in the days when puritans ruled most of what is now the United States? When comparing the two stories “The crucible” and “Sinners of an angry god” you will see that Theocracy was the way everything ran. In both stories they are very sentient with religions. They are holy people and live by god’s rules.
To start, in the puritan life god makes the choice of who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. In the crucibles it similar but instead of god instructing you, Reverend hale tells gods decision to the people. For example, he says “god will spare you if you do not admit to which craft”! Basically stating of you admit to it god will let you live. In puritan life, sparing your life and what not is up to god.
In addition, in both stories when you go against god you get punished. For example, Jonathon Edward tries to scare the congregation in order to save them from going to Hell. One way that he does this is by using the metaphor of God being angry at everyone with a bow and arrow pointed directly at each person; the congregation realizes that they could die at any minute and if they aren’t saved, they will fall into a “lake of burning brimstone that’s extended abroad under them”. In the crucibles, Furthermore, the crucibles and sinners of an angry god are alike because they are very into religion. They are holy people who go to church a lot and live by god’s rules. For example, when proctor says “Abigail if you don’t get my life out of this mess god…