Christianity and New Testament Essay

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Christianity is based upon the life and teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Christians believe he is the son of God and both mortal and divine. The early people believed that their Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. They also have faith that Jesus is the Messiah who died and resurrected from the dead. It is the belief that because Jesus’ life was sacrificed ordinary people are able to overcome sin and death and if one walks by will spend eternity in Heaven with God. Jesus’ life experiences are reflected in the New Testament of the bible. There are about 2 ¼ billion Christians worldwide.
Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, or Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They also believe in life after death called Heaven. All Christians’ follow the holy book called the Bible, which is divided into the Old and New Testament. The book is edited for the four branches of Christianity, by adding and subtracting books, such as 1st and 2nd Maccabees. The four divisions include, the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Churches. The Roman Catholic membership is the largest with over 1 billion members and the Anglican Church has the least members ranked at 85 million. Of the four Churches the Protestant church is the only one that does not follow the Pope’s leadership; however all four churches are governed by a bishop. The Church was divided in the 1500’s, when many movements began, including the Protestant Reformation.
Christianity began in