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Christianity Assessment
100/100 Excellent! In a well developed essay, using proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, discuss your experience following your selected teaching from the
Sermon on the Mount. Your essay must contain the below elements and be 1­ 1/12 pages single spaced or 2­3 double spaced. Essay Elements:

Briefly describe the teaching you selected ___10____ (10 points)

What happened when you followed this teaching?
Thoroughly discuss, using specific examples, the challenges you faced following the teaching. ___20____ (20 points)
Thoroughly discuss, using specific examples, the benefits of following the teaching. ___20____ (20 points)
Thoroughly discuss, using specific examples, how you felt when you followed the teaching and how you felt when you did not follow the teaching. __20_____ (20 points)

What is your conclusion regarding this teaching?
Thoroughly describe what you think is the purpose of the teaching or the reason Jesus gave the teaching. ___10____ (10 points) Length 1­ 1/12 pages single­spaced or 2­3 double­spaced ___10____ (10 points) Completed on time ___10____ (10 points) Type your essay below: The Sermon on the Mount teaching which I selected to follow was the teaching of not worrying about the future, materialistic things, or even how one looked. I chose this teaching for many reasons which included that I want everything that I do to be perfect, which causes me to worry in the evaluation or critique that I get from different people about how I did. For example, I do not like getting bad grades in my classes at HNHS, so I am always worrying about the future which included my graduation, college, and how am I going to achieve my dream job: becoming a pediatrician.
I chose this teaching because I did not want to worry about the future and about my grades and many things in my life because that causes me stress and that is why sometimes, I do not achieve all my goals. Also, my parents always tell me to not worry about how am I going to obtain a job, because that will come when I am ready and with my own actions. But, honestly it is hard for me to not worry in the society that we live in because the society that we live in is filled with goals and necessities to be done, and all that one can do is to worry about how one is going to achieve the certain tasks.

When I decided to put this practice of not worrying into action, it was not that hard at first, but towards the last weeks of following this Sermon on the Mount teaching it was hard. In the first couple of weeks, I did not find following the practice hard because I didn't have a lot of goals or assignments to achieve at school or at home, which caused me to find peace in myself and in others. There were benefits in following this teaching and practice because one obtained new skills and peace in oneself. For example, before I started following the teaching I did not get much sleep at night or I was usually sick because of my daily stress. Though, when I started following this teaching I obtained more sleep and my health was better than when I preoccupied. I realized that I had so much stress and preoccupations in my life, that it was almost like a sickness which day by day it was taking over me. Also, I felt that I was doing better in school and in my house duties when I did not worry because I did not think too much of them, and I just did the assigned tasks. Also, my family told me that I was changing into a new person and that they enjoyed being more around me because I actually spent time talking to them and playing with my siblings rather than before, which I used yo spend my whole day during the week, doing homework. Some of the challenges for me when I was following this teaching was that I started to worry from time to time in school because there were more temptations to worry than at home. Since, I am very busy at school and not that much at home, I was assigned