Christianity Distinctiveness Essay

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Religions are broadly defined as the quest for an experience of the Transcendent. There are similarities and differences between religions; each having differences to make that religion unique. Christianity has a few characteristics that make it distinctly different from other worldly religions. From the Bible passage John 8, 1-11, one can see some of these differences. For example, the passage gives us a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We have his son as a pathway to knowing and loving God. No other religion can offer that. Islam believes in Allah, a sole God. They cannot create that personal connection with God because he could not send anyone to be with them. Same with Judaism, they believe in a single God, not the trinity that Christianity believes in. This is one way Christianity differs from other religions. Another point one finds from the reading of John’s gospel is how kind Jesus is to the woman who committed adultery. He states that the one person who has not sinned can cast the stone at her. Since everyone has sinned, no one casts a stone and Jesus does not condemn her. Instead, he just encourages her to not sin. This is different from Buddhism’s concept of suffering. They think that the world has a constant suffering that people must end by using the Noble Eightfold Path. Christians are not given specific steps like the eightfold path to end suffering. Instead, they find guidance from Jesus to stop sins, and when they stop sinning, they have less suffering. Jesus did not