Christianity Hinduism Compariative Essay 2 2 Milestone 1

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Christianity and Hinduism
Sharon Tarczynski
Southern New Hampshire University

Abrahamic religions are dualistic: they believe in the material and nonmaterial. On the other hand, the Eastern religions believe mostly in one kind of reality. In Hinduism conscious beings have value because any of them could be reincarnated souls. But in Abrahamic religions, the distinction is made between living beings or humans and the rest of the world. The center of creation is humanity. The Christiaans believe that all things were created by God, and it is God who will someday end things. In the book of Genesis in the bible the story of the creation is told. However, in Hinduism the belief is that the universe is non-created and is eternal. The first of the five strands in the Hindu relgision is the doctrine. The Veda is the core and oldest knowledge. This is the core of Hindu religion and learned by the members of the Brahman class. The principle of Karma is Hindu religion explain many of the bad things that happen in life. Things are the way they are because how one lived in a previous life. The Christian religions explain the bad things that happen in life in terms of reaping and sowing, and the original sin of Adam and Eve in Genesis2 4-3:24. In Christianity, there is the belief that a person gets only one life to live right, and then he or she can attain a reward at the end of life. So sin is taken very seriously. The bible says that if you accept Christ as your savior you will be saved. The Hindu’s teach that one gets many life times to make things right. There is always a chance for liberation. So sin is not taken as seriously as in Christianity. In Hinduism the people fear building up bad Karma. In Hinduism it is through enlightenment that humans become better. Knowledge is paramount; looking within is the key. However, the In Christianity enlightenment comes through accepting God as your savior. Reading his word and obeying him all contribute to a true eternal life. Hinduism teaches the concept of Dharma- which a personal duty of all humans. Dharma is also considered to be the basic principles of the cosmos.
Hinduism and Christianity are two religions that have been around for thousands of years. These religions have developed philosophies on certain subjects that can be compared in order to show their similarities and differences. Some of the main subjects that can be reflected upon after learning of the