Christianity Vs Theism

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Clash within a civilization: Christianity vs. Theism
Many will tell you that the biggest clash of worldviews is between the Western world, the Islamic world and the Confucian world. From the studies of a political scientist named James Kurth he decided that the biggest conflict isn’t between nations but more inside of the Western civilization. The clash I’m speaking about is the battle between Christianity and Theism. Is Christianity really a fading religion in this world? Will Naturalism become the dominant world view of the entire earth? Is there really a god who guides our every move or is it solely on us how we react? Do we get to enjoy an afterlife next to our father or do our life end with us being buried under dirt? Is it possible that
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“Naturalism is the belief that natural causes alone are sufficient to explain everything that exists.”(122) Naturalist believe that what they see is all that exist and that there is no supernatural being keeping safe watch. “Life arose from a chance collision of atoms, evolving eventually into human life as we know it today.”(122) Naturalist believe that morality is a sense of self perception. That the only good and bad is what you were raised to believe in and to not do. Further explaining this if two different children are brought up in two different naturalist households there perception on good and bad can vary, as in one child may have been taught that all types of stealing is bad while another could have been told to steal only if it’s a need of survival. Without a higher authority their outlooks on life may never become similar, which will causes differences in judgement as their lives progress. Because there is no higher being telling them what to believe naturalist tend to accept other cultures and religion as either their own or add them to their own. Naturalist believe that every religion has equality amongst them and only show their own history and experiences. Which promotes the fact that anyone has a right to be and believe what they want and to not be ridiculed on their actions. “If there is no transcendent source of truth …show more content…
This means that most Americans use Judeo-Christian truths to dictate their public views and moral decisions and issues. When America began it was a nation built on basic biblical truths that established American institutions and gave the nation’s values. Even though the founding fathers viewed in a Christian view as well as a naturalist view no one really established a difference between the two. Throughout history these basic truths were the foundation for our way of life and everything we did. In our current society that way of life no longer exist in a plentiful sense. In 1952 Justice Antoine Scalia said in a speech that the government is of religious people whose being is moved towards a supreme being. But in 1996 the same justice stated in a speech that “As a Christian I believe in miracles and in the resurrection of Jesus.”(122) Which caused a big stir within the nation. Which caused the Washington post to say Scalia wasn’t suitable in a sense to handle church-state questions. In 1997 a Boy Scout troop couldn’t use a public facility in the National zoo simply because they were seen as “bias” since they required all members to believe in God. In current times religious gestures, gatherings, and symbols are frowned upon in public areas, by not just the government but even social renegade and disapproval. It has gone so far that a major city renamed