Essay about Christina Aguilera and Itty Bitty Meteor

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The book Wonder serves an important purpose for everyone that reads it. It could be

worded different for each individual, but when put together, it sends out the same message.

Lately, we have seen more and more situations where children are being bullied, or not given

enough attention to be happy. This book points out how easy it is to get caught up in doing the

wrong thing. But it also shows how easy it is to get caught up in the right thing as well.

Throughout the story, there are different parts narrated by each character, and at the beginning of

each part is a quote. The quote gives hints about the character’s personality or traits.

The song Space Oddity by David Bowie is quoted at Olivia’s part. It represents how

Olivia feels about her life and more importantly her family. She refers to her family as a solar

system. August is the sun, and her parents the planets, orbiting around him. Meanwhile she is

just an itty bitty meteor floating out in the distance, only noticed once or twice as she goes by.

This song reference gives a whole new understanding about Olivia to the readers of the book.

Beautiful by Christina Aguilara is noted at the beginning of Summer’s part. Although

Summer doesn’t really think of herself as anything but a normal girl, it is made obvious that she

is nothing below beautiful. The part that is quoted is “You are beautiful, no matter what they

say,” “they” is referring to the whole fifth grade when they say they don’t understand why she

hangs around August and by doing so it makes her look like a freak as well. Summer completely

ignores this and continues being…