Essay on Christina Character Deconstruction

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Christina Character Deconstruction:

Self Identity:

* Christian struggles to find a self-identity when she comes to Australia, through one her cultural background and the loss of, and through the alienation from her culture. * Christina struggled to find her self-identity at Frogmore. * The result of this loss of identity was; she suffered from severe depression and neglected her family and most of all her child (raimond)


* When Christina came to Australia, she found belonging through men and having affairs with them., however she was also alienated by the larger community, due to her personality and neglect of Raimond. * There was very few people that accepted Christina, this eventually led Christina to her own death when she decided to take her own life. * She fought with people, this also led to her alienation from people, she fought with the people she loved as well. * “She lacerated him” (Christina and Mitru) – How she spoke to him.


* The move to Australia severed Christina’s sense of belonging and self immensely. * She came to a country that was strange it was a completely different landscape to the one of Europe. * “The land was one of rare beauty, but to a European it was one of desolate” * “My mother represented the trees as her desolation” (At frogmore) * She never found her sense of belonging through place whilst in Australia

Groups: * After the move Christina found no