Christina Martinez Unit 2 Assignment Essay

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Unit 2 Assignment
Christina Martinez
September 30, 2014

What was the Cold War? Most of us have heard of the Cold War, but how much do we actually know about a war that had so much impact on society and the government in the past and how it has affected our nation today. Many of us have lived through or learned about man different events that took place during this war. During the interview process I heard many different concepts and ideas pertaining to what the Cold War was or consisted of. The first interviewee seemed to have a general idea of what the Cold War was. She described the early part of the war as being “a time of uncertainty” There were many discussions that she overheard as a child that mentioned “commies” and nuclear warfare. The second person to be interviewed looked at the Cold War form a different perspective because there knowledge of the Cold War was learned through school and various history programs seen on television. He referred to the Cold War as “a fight for nuclear power” Communism also seemed to be a term that was repeated throughout the interview. Interviewee number three brought up many concepts and ideas stemming from her own life experiences. She spoke about the Premier of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev how “we were constantly being spied on by Russian satellites”. These interviews gave me three very insightful points to a very important part of history. The definition of the Cold War, a stated in the overview, says that it was composed of “geopolitical tensions and proxy wars fought between the United States and the Soviet Union”. Comparing this to what the three interviewees had to say there are both similarities and differences. The one thing that seemed to be consistent in the answers of all three was that the Cold War was going on mainly between the United States and the Soviet Union. They all seemed aware that there was political power struggles going with the threat of nuclear warfare coming from all angles. My first interviewee seemed to have the most insight about the proxy wars. She talked about how although the