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Employees Problem Christina Blair MT302

There ae several different problems going on at one time. Kelly has a candidate for the client but there are some issues with him. He may be taking steroids which is not good for the companies imagine and his manager is unsupportive of him taking a drug test. He is a very popular sports figure and wanted by many other companies. If Kelly doesn’t sign him one of her coworkers will. She is understandably worried about the company reputation and the risks involved.
I would take a moment to ask questions like what is his opinion about steroid use. We are they unwilling to take a drug test and would he agree to a drug test in the future. Other questions would be about his background and morals. Amelia should ask her people to do a background check on him and if anything suspicious comes up I was raise more questions. Amelia needs to ask Kelly what it will take for Kelly to trust this candidate and what kind of time frame does she have to complete the task.
Taking a production-oriented leader would be the best approach in this situation. Kelly needs to emphasize the task at hand to find a solution. Knowing that a decision will have to be made without a drug test and the fact that if she doesn’t sign him the other coworkers will override her decision and sign him. There should be certain tasks put in place by Ameila for each employee to do in order to get things done in a timely manner.
The group will need to collaborate to solve the problems, clarifying differences rather than accommodating various points of views. Working on a win-win solution would be beneficial to both the client and he candidate. Talking between the company and the client to get the conflict resolved so that it satisfies the desires of all parties involved would be the outcome everyone would appreciate.
There are steps to resolving a conflict. In the first stage you have communication, structure and personal variables. Any one of these can potentially cause a conflict. The second stage is perceived conflict and felt conflict. Perceived conflict is the awareness by one or more parties of the existence of a condition that create opportunities for conflict to arise and felt conflict is the emotional involvement in a conflict that creates anxiety, tenseness, frustration, or hostility. The third stage is intentions, which is to intervene between people’s perceptions and emotions and their over behavior. They are decisions to act in a given…