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Christine Tiernan
Professor Campbell
Planning & Staffing
Quantitative Homework
May 1, 2015

1. Describe the internal labor market of the company in terms of job stability (staying in the same job), promotion paths and rates, transfer paths and rates, demotion paths and rates, and turnover (exit) rates.

Sales Department (Full-time)

50% of the sales department stayed the same it was no changes

10% of the full-time transferred to a part-time position

5% of the full-time was promoted to an Assistant Sales Manager

0% of the full-time was promoted to Regional Sales Manager

35% exited the organization

Summary: The Company has a lot of employees that stayed in their present position. Either individuals got demoted or decide to go to part time positions. The small amount that advanced demonstrates that there is low chance to climb or workers are not eligible. No one was promoted to Regional Sales so that is a sign individuals are not qualified. The real issue is that 35% has exit the company. Having a high turnover rate is bad for any company. A few reasons could be the small percentage moving into a higher positions or being demoted.

Sales Department (Part-time)

60% stayed the same in their current position

5% of the part-time transferred to the full time positions

10% of the part-time was promoted to Assistant Sales Manager

0% of the part-time was promoted to Regional Sales Manager

25% exited the organization

Summary: The company again has demonstrated a sign that there is no chance to climb to Regional Sales Manager. A quarter of the employees have left the company which indicates there is an issue with the advancements. No employee needs to be stuck in a deadlock job. Just a small percent was promoted to the Assistant Sales Manager and they have stayed in their present position on the grounds that nobody was given Regional Sales Manager.

Assistant Sales Manager

5% was demoted to a full-time sales position

0% was demoted to a part-times sales position

80% is in the same position

10% were promoted to Regional Sales Manager

5% exit the organization

Summary: The demotions demonstrate that it is conceivable that at any time you could be demoted in your Assistant Manager position. The rate of same position plainly demonstrated that there is low opportunity for being Regional Sales Manager. This could be the motivation behind why the full and part time positions have a high leave rate.

Regional Sales Manager

0% has been promoted or demoted

70% has stayed in the same position

30% has left the organization

Summary: Despite the fact that the Regional Sales Manager position has a 30% amount leaving the company, they are not advancing