Christmas 1914 Personal Narrative

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QW 6-10
6- QW # 6 Christmas Truce 1914 This is a truly remarkable attainment in story, one I’m surprised I’ve never heard before. So heartbreaking one of my absolute favorite Christmas stories of all time. If there was a point in time to end the war, and restore former borders. Christmas 1914 was that time.
The truce took place along the western front in France where the Germans were fighting both the British and the French. Since it wasn't a compelled official cease fire, the truce was different along different points of the front. In some places, the soldiers continued to fight, but in many areas, they calamity stopped and agreed to a temporary truce.
K. (2005, December 01). The Christmas Truce of World War I. Retrieved November 11, 2017, from
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Fitness means a lot for me, it is my passion because it takes the ‘anxiety’ out of me and I feel alleviated when I go to the gym because I know I’m doing something fruitful.
Fitness gives me goals and feelings of accomplishments that I can go the extra mile! It also helps me to start my day knowing I’ve done something good for myself and keeps me healthy. I just feel better about my day superfluity and about myself when I work out.

9- QW # 9
Unfortunately, there are times when you have to lie to do the right thing. I do not condone lying, but there are times when a white lie is needed to get by. Sometimes when my girlfriend and I are going to go out she ask how is her dress and I answer yeah, you look engaging in that drees.
Those are the adverse white lies that I say every time I need to because it’s better than being slapped. 2. They are doing something that will upset someone. Lying to a friend about not inviting them somewhere because you did not want to hurt his/her feeling.

10- QW # 10 Pet Peeve
My biggest pet peeve is when people drive the wrong way in parking lots, I look at them with vexed eyes and I feel so furious, because they know they are doing something