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Coleman 1
Brandon Coleman
Father Hederman
January 12, 2015
Christmas Break Getter vs Helper
This year for Christmas as a helper I would give myself an 8.9 level of effort that I gave to project. I don’t think that I had fully achieved what I could have done this Christmas on the helping side. I actually made a list of things that I can help on over the Christmas break. As in helping to pick out the Christmas tree, put up the Christmas tree, putting up the Christmas lights around the house, helping my mom go Christmas grocery shopping, and help prepare the food. I feel that I could have definitely did a lot more things to help this Christmas break, but at least I was successful at what I set out to do. I also think that my energy and enthusiasm towards helping this Christmas break and not worrying about getting brought my level of effort up a lot. Christmas time also being a very special time to me made helping a bit more magical to me. Overall I think I did a pretty good job on helping this Christmas break.
Helping makes you very grateful. When you help others it makes you see what you have and makes you see what you have and makes you more thankful for it. Helping also makes you happy in words that you can’t even explain. The joy in giving and in watching the results of your giving is sensational. Helping also makes a more humbled and compassionate person. Helping makes you see the different aspect’s there are out there in the big world that has so many needs and my little acts of kindness go a long way. With helping it makes me a more thankful person because I can help those who are in need of help.
Coleman 2
This Christmas break I wanted to go in an opposite direction, so I chose the helping over getting. This is because I am at an age where the getting is really non- needed anymore and it is time for the helping to come into play. So, I think that I got pulled into the helping direction because of God’s vision and will for me. I felt grateful to know that God has given me this opportunity and I will fulfill his vision of me being a helper. I of course chose the route of being a helper, because I felt a certain jurisdiction to be a helper. I also felt that this might be a new chapter in my life that…