Essay about Christmas Tree and Baby Jesus Wrapping

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Elf On The Shelf Ideas 2013
Cereal with Lilly’s name
Sliding down railing
Drinking a yogurt drink
Reading books with and to the other toys
Sleeping in the baby’s crib
Fishing on the fish game with other toys
Making snowflake decorations with snowflakes everywhere and scissors in hand
In the Christmas tree
Leading wagon ride with other toys
Watching cartoons with changer in hand
In the nativity scene holding baby Jesus
Wrapping the toilet in wrapping paper
Hanging in Lilly’s stocking
Drawing picture on lilly’s chalk board
Head first in a bag of candy, cereal, etc. with feet hanging out
Taking a picture with Mommy’s camera and a pic of Lilly on it sleeping from the night before
1. Marshmallow fight — marshmallows everywhere
9. Fill tub with bubbles till the point of explosion
10. Hang from shower nozzle with a towel on
11. Unroll toilet paper roll on the floor, around Christmas tree, etc.
12. Zip down a zip line through the hous
19. Hang from chandelier or ceiling fan
22. Play board game with stuffed animal friends or action figures
23. Tea party with stuffed animal friends
24. Read book, newspaper, e-reader, ipad, computer, etc
29. Color in coloring book
38. Make snow angel in flour
40. Turn toilet water blue
41. Turn milk blue
45. Make paper airplanes and fly them around the house
47. Putting toothpaste on toothbrush
56. Dance party — music playing & stuffed friends dancing
60. Drink milk
61. Ride on toy car
65. Play dress up — wearing…