Christopher Columbus Essay

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Christopher Columbus’ reasoning behind his expedition to North America as we now know it has a deeper, more selfish meaning than what he would have us believe. He spends the beginning third of his letter affirming the value of continuing the venture into “the Indies”, speaking of gold bearing rivers, simple Indians willing to trade gold for tidbits of leather, fertile soil, and God’s spirit willing them to take it all. He also began to do something strategic that would force some level of commitment from the sovereigns; Columbus began claiming land in their name. He stated, “… I continued to enter very many harbors, in each of which I placed a very large cross in the most appropriate spot, as I had done for all the other harbors of the other islands, and in many places I found promontories sufficient for this purpose.” By doing this, he is not only expanding the border that the sovereigns are responsible for but also taking land in the name of God. This is relevant because if you back off of those lands now, it is likened to backing away from God (which in those days was a cardinal sin). He goes on to promise the raising of a hundred thousand-man army whose purpose would be to take over Jerusalem, which appears to be the overlying theme in the sovereign’s eyes of the escapade. So now Columbus knows that he has them in a corner and hopefully overcome with greed for the new Promised Land. In the latter half of his letter he begins to appeal for his rewards in lou of his endeavors, “Now, most serene sovereigns, remember that I left my woman and children behind and came from my homeland to serve you, in which service I spent what I did. And I spent seven years of my time and put up with…