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Why I am optimistic about our nation’s future

Why I am optimistic about our nation’s future is so that I can be one of the few that makes a change in our nation. I want to put a stop to physical, emotional, verbal, economic, mental and sexual abuse. The reason I choose to be optimistic about abuse is so that there can be a stop to it. It has happen to way too many children and adults in this world and nothing good enough has happened or there would be less abuse going on. Obviously the abusers are not scared enough or they would stop being cruel and evil. I am going to be optimistic and put a stop to something that is more dangerous and important than drugs, fights, speeding etc. not only that there is a fine line between spanking and hitting someone in the face.
Physical and Emotional abuse are the most common types of abuse. About 80 percent of 21 year olds who were abused as children met criteria for at least one psychological disorder. Approximately 5 children die every day because of child abuse. I think that is ridiculous because, that is not even said on the news or mentioned often enough. People who are physically or emotionally abused sometimes even do it to others. So that just makes it even more populated so that is more likely to make things worse. In 2010, 1,537 children died of abuse or neglect. 79.4 percent were under the age of 4. 47.7 percent were under the age of 1. I mean I have the facts to back me up. So put a stop this abuse/neglect.
Verbal abuse happens to people daily too, we just do not realize it as much because we are so use to it that it is not recognized until your life is threaten or haunted by it which is okay to an extent. I think that abuse is the one thing that we can put a stop to. At least 1.8 million women are battered each year in the U.S. I think that the number of battered women will go down at least half of what it is now, if we started now but instead it may have to be put on hold till I get older and I will help to make it stop to where it is 1 out of 1 million.
There is also Economic Abuse. I think this world has a lot of this kind of abuse. Your probably wondering what this is well here is my definition of Economic abuse is Batterers control victims’ finances to prevent them from accessing resources, working or maintaining control of earnings, achieving self-sufficiency, and gaining financial independence. The abuser can interfere with or prevent education, job training, and the ability to find and keep a job. Lack of income is a common reason victims cite for staying in abusive relationships. There are many different types of this kind of abuse. For example Economic abuse can manifest itself in many different ways, and abusers can