Christopher Columbus and Native Americans Essay

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Changes and Continuities On the October of the year 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the New World thinking it was India and due to this discovery, the world has shrunk dramatically in that everybody knew of each other’s existence. During the years of 1492 to 1750 communication was established between the Atlantic World among Western Europe, Africa and America; social and economic transformations occurred as a result. Regarding to changes, their diet and economy has altered dramatically; despite the changes, some continuities are agriculture and beliefs. Due to the settlement of the Europeans in America, Native American’s diet and economy has altered significantly. The Europeans that settled forced the Native Americans to work for them, not only did they force Native Americans but also Africans. The Europeans ate all their crops, but introduced domesticated animals which altered their diet significantly. Before the Europeans came they only ate crops; however, after the Europeans came they started to feed on domesticated animals due to lack of crops. This was an example of a social transformation. An example of an economic transformation was the change in the Native American’s economy. Before the European settlement the Native Americans traded with each other by trading crops, however, around the 16th century they could only trade with Europe. In spite of the momentous changes, there were also some continuities such as agriculture and beliefs. Like before the Europeans settled in the Americas, the Native Americans still farmed even after their settlement. They did not farm as much before as after, however it is a fact that they still farmed. Despite the Christian missionaries that were forcing the Native Americans to become Christian, deep inside the Native Americans believed what they truly believed. They only pretended to believe in Christianity on the outside to avoid punishment, but on the inside they practiced what they truly believed in. Due to the discovery of