Battlefield: Making A Boom In The Video Game Market

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In the recent months, Electronic Arts has been making a boom in the video game market.. They recently presented their earnings report, and most values were above what was expected. This is a product of various factors. They released various video game titles such as FIFA 15, Madden NFL 15, and the somewhat recent release of Titanfall. More people are spending time playing their games and digital purchases have increased. Thus, EA is making their games more accessible and marketable by eliminating the need to go out and purchase products. The new installment of one their biggest franchises, Battlefield, has gotten a release date, thus giving stockholders hope in the next quarter. As a result, guidance and trust has gone up for the company, and earnings are projected to be higher. Personally, I love most of EA’s video games. They seem to make a bigger attempt than any other gaming company to make their games realistic and interactive. For instance, with the game Battlefield 4; they have what is called Battlelog. This allows you to get in-depth stats, see upcoming news and releases, and compete at a higher level. The game of Battlefield alone is a multifaceted and realistic first-person shooter, with unlimited possibilities. Their advertising did not lie to me. Their sports games (besides the abysmal NBA Live series), are the top sellers in their genre. FIFA dominates soccer, Madden dominates football, and the NHL games do as well. As a result, it is no surprise that the