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Christopher Guallpa

Animal Farm Review I just recently watched animal farm and in the following paragraphs I will tell you whether u should go watch it by yourself or with kids the 1999 .this movie is PG and is good for everyone. Animal farm began with the owner of Manor Farm Mr. jones he was a drunk guy. to a wise old pig, old Major, who encourages them all to rebel and run the farm themselves. Above all, he says, everyone should be equal. Then he dies. Then the week after the rebel. The the pigs take the leadership then change the farm name to animal farm. here is some immediate conflict between two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball. Napoleon wants to sit around and be in charge of everything, while Snowball wants to teach the other animals. The story took place in British farm near Willingdon.the main characters are napoleon and snowball. Snowball voice was Kelsey Grammar he was ok because he acted unlikeable some times. Squeakers voice was Ian Holm and he was a good actor because he reacted good to every problem. Mollies voice was Julia Louis-Dreyfus she was bad. Jessie voice was Julia Ormond she was one of the best acting. Paul Scofield was Boxer voice and was not good because he had to stand up for himself. Patrick Stewart was Napoleon voice I never liked him so for me he was bad.Peter Ustinov was Old Major voice did a good job in the farm but could of stayed longer alive. Lets talk about what I didn’t like about the movie it was when the pigs turn into humans and acting like Mr. jones the old owner of manor farm because I think it should of bin the opposite because pig are dirty and retarded and the animal that could turn into humans are dogs and horse. The part I like about the movie was