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Chrome Tips:
Apps and Extensions Using this document online instead of on paper?
Then use
and type a word to search for the word instead of using your eyes... in many cases it’s faster!
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What ARE apps and extensions ? Apps and extensions are features or programs that you can essentially “add” to customize your Chrome experience. You'll be amazed at the number of free apps/extensions available for school (and for fun, but that's another subject). You can add apps easily and have your apps list appear whenever you click "New tab". (And if you're
"syncing your chrome", you'll have easy access to these apps anywhere you are signed in to Chrome.) A number of these apps are also designed to integrate with Google Drive as well, enabling students and staff to easily access their work anywhere they use Chrome. What's the difference between apps and extensions?? The simple answer is that apps have their own user interface and actually appear in a browser window.
essentially extend the functionality of Chrome and the websites being viewed in it. Typically extensions are in effect across all websites, while apps run
"standalone", like a regular website. Example
: You can add the WeVideo app to your Google Chrome, making it easy to create new video content and have it stored automatically in your Google Drive. You can add the Awesome Screenshot extension to your Chrome if you would like to be able to easily capture screen shots of any webpage you are viewing through Chrome. The Chrome Web Store Some ways to get to the Chrome Web Store:
Click this link or type in the address bar
Click the Show Apps button

in your Bookmarks Bar, then choose

Some Handy Chrome Extensions Each linked title below will take you to the page in the Chrome Web Store that will let you add that extension. AdBlock Plus
: Blocks video ads on YouTube, Facebook and more. Awesome Screenshot
: Capture the whole page or any portion(when using Chrome browser). Annotate screenshot, blur sensitive info, one­click upload to share.
Magic Actions for YouTube
: 1­click hiding of all but video for YouTube. Scroll mouse to adjust volume.
(Alternative to Turn Off the Lights listed below.)
Updated 2/12/2015

Omnibox Timer
: Set one or more timers right from the omnibox!
: Grab images from any web page and open them up in the PicMonkey app for editing.
Save as PDF
: Download web pages as PDF in one click.
Save to Google Drive
: Save