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Heart Disease
Angel V Johnson
July 14, 2013
Robin McEnany

A Look at Heart Disease

What is Heart Disease Heart disease in general is a condition affecting the overall performance of the heart. This disease is also called Coronary Artery Disease. With Heart Disease, you have a blockage of your blood vessels by a substance called Plaque. Plaque is thick and deposits itself within the arteries. Overtime, the blood flow to the vessels become less and less. Eventually causing an irregular heartbeat in turn the result would be a heart attack. At this point when you have a heart attack, you have suffered considerable damage to your heart muscle. Once the muscle has lost its strength, there is no repairing it. Heart disease was believed to have been found in older adults but it is becoming a growing concern among teens and young adults. Food, lifestyle, environment and hereditary traits all factor in the increasing causes of Heart Disease.

Influences of Heart Disease There are several factors to weigh in regarding causes of Heart Disease. Factors are but not limited to high cholesterol, fatty diet, elevated blood pressure, smoking, if your overweight, high and low sugar and lack of exercise just to name a few. Stress is also a trigger for heart disease. It’s best to get rest at some time of the day to avoid frustration which leads to other things such as not eating or eating too much of the wrong things, not sleeping, worry, depression and a host of others.

Lifestyle Changes Regarding Heart Disease When someone is diagnosed with Heart Disease, it’s a scary reality for most. Thereafter, it is time to discuss how to treat it or make it comfortable for you depending on the damage found. Doctors will begin a series of questions to be sure to offer the right care regime.
Common routine for those with minimal damage is stop smoking, relax and free yourself from stress, less fatty and greasy foods, become more active, control you sugar levels, add more fruits and veggies to your diet, etc. Routines for those with more