Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Analysis

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s tale, Chronicle of a death foretold, sets in Colombia, where the bride is sent back home the wedding night being realized that she had been deflowered before her wedding and a murder due to culturally illegal stolen virginity is committed by her brothers in order to avenge family’s honour. Gabriel Garcia Marquez portraying a reflection of our society in his characters through his commendable work in Chronicles of a death foretold illustrates that how people tend to forget basic principles of humanity when gripped by culture and norms. Late Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombian-born, one of the best novelist of the 20th century, who had been honoured with great status: one
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Santiago Nasar, the only child of his parents’ marriage of convenience had to abandon his studies at the end of his secondary school in order to take over the family ranch on his Arab father’s sudden demise, is portrayed as a multiple personality people. Having said that the narrator is his friend, he is tendentious towards him. He does not portray a clear picture of Santiago’s character as a person. On one hand he is displayed as a merry, peaceful and openhearted human, however, on the other hand, he is displayed as a man who is always seeking for sexuality and physical pleasure.
From many decades in our society, culture can be defined in a lot of means but relating it to this content we can phrase it as that, it has always been the basis of the formation of human beings’ lifestyle, the way they think and react to situations; and their beliefs have got them sustain till now. Everything that exists notably has both pros and cons. In other words, anything that can be a boon to a society can also act as a curse to it. We have inherited a lot of valuable
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If it of him being not guilty One argument that can explain this could be to some extent that she might have lost her virginity while hedonism with her true love and naming someone else just in order to save the life of her loved one and taking out some personal grudges towards Santiago; but if that is the case then it is inhuman of Angela to blame him giving that tag as that cost him his life. In everyone’s eyes in the society, they believe that the twin brothers are not at fault but rather what they are doing is correct on their part. But people outside their society might think it would have been better to do justice to Vicario family if it had been conducted in a legal way than taking the law into their hands and ended up being sentenced in the prison. We all have the right of opinion in this context; however, each analysis would be different from one another as it depends on our values and upbringing which was inherited to us through our culture. As it is a scenario of the mid-nineteenth century, the thinking of people of that time was not much open-minded rather it was religious and about keeping their cultural values alive in the current and the coming generations. As these are one of the legacies we have inherited from our