Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Essay

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The novel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez analyzes the 27 year old murder of Santiago Nasar, an Arab man in a Hispanic society. Unlike most detective stories, the novel does not focus on who the murderers were or why the character was murdered, rather it concentrates on the truth behind the statements that led to the actual assassination of Santiago Nasar. Nevertheless, the story is not truly about the homicide of Santiago Nasar but instead, the purpose of the novel is to question double standards and societal onuses and roles. Gabriel G. Márquez not only enticed us with the roles of Hispanic society but also included elements as mentioned in How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas Foster, such as biblical allusions, vampirism, and weather. The utilization of weather in literature does not just serve to establish setting, but also serves as a representation of things such as the moods and attitudes of the characters. One aspect that Márquez brings to question is, what was the weather like the day of Santiago Nasar’s death? Was it raining or snowing? As stated by Thomas Foster in chapter 10 of How to Read Literature like a Professor, “It’s More Than Just Rain or Snow.” According to Margot, “[it] was Christmas weather” (18), Victoria Guzman stated that the day of Santiago’s …show more content…
Weather allows for the writer and the reader to interpret the feelings, situations, and behaviors of the characters. Vampirism is a behavior in which a character places their selfish needs over another and takes advantage in some way. The Bible, also filled with vampirism, weather, and sacrifice, is something that many books like Chronicle of a Death Foretold get inspiration from. Overall, the novel utilizes the 3 elements in perfect harmony to help in the interpretation of the