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The Influence of change

Everyone must learn to adapt and diversify in life. Many people believe sticking to traditions is the way to go, but others find that change is the right pathway. Change is inevitable, only through change can something survive. We all need change; John Wyndham shows this by giving us three locations, Fringes, New Zealand, and Waknuk that have clear proof that shows change is the key to our growth. To begin with change was apparent in the fringes, and had an affect on everyone. Firstly change will bring many new forms of life. "It'll be new, and new kinds of plants and creatures will appear.
(Wyndham 154)" Basically, this shows that as time goes by, and change is coming into play these new plants and creatures will bring us advances in medical and biological studies. Moreover change will let people see things from a different perspective to help them. For example "The bodice of her dress was ragged, a nondescript tawny colour, with stains on it. There were no sleeves, but what struck me most was that it bore no cross. (165)" Overall, even thought she lived like a savage, she understood that the morals she grew with were right, even though they weren't accepted in "normal" life. Finally, change in the environment, and differences in people around you affect the decisions you make. For instance;
"and-must lives like a savage among savages. (161)". In Wakunuk he had a good life although, once he was recognized with this 'mutation" he had to move to the Fringes where on the other hand he had to live like a brute this influenced the decisions he made which greatly affected him in the end. In other words change is apparent in the fringes, and had an effect on everyone.

Secondly change in Waknuk was clearer, and shown through deviations. To begin with, change is eventually accepted in all ways of life. In this case; "The moment he set eyes on the huge creature, standing twenty six hands at the shoulder, he knew it was wrong he turned his back, and demanded that the inspector destroy it (36)". For instance, even though these horses were deviatons, and Wakunk was a town that was quick to punish all deviations, they had came around to "embracing" the idea which shows that the town might have some doubts about what they're being taught. Preceding this, change offered too much, and it's the reason why its pushed away. Evidence of this "We had a gift, a sense which, Michael complained bitterly should have been a blessing, but was a little better than a curse.
(86)" Naturally, the telepathics had the ability to communicate through long distances a gift people could wish for, but when they were discovered the people of Waknuk were actually scared because they didn't know what it offered, so they shunned it away not knowing the positive results of it. Lastly, change is needed for a person to grow. For example "Clearly the pain for her was increasing. For the first time in my life I found myself in charge of a situation which needed a decision. I made it. (8-9)"
Essentially David was going through a Chrysalis process where he is confronted with situations where he must decide what to do, change had helped him become more of a man, and become independent.
Finally change in New Zealand was evident, and was shown through characters. To begin with change is always occurring, and is something you cannot avoid. For example "She looked so pink and wrinkled to me that I did not see how the inspector could have been quite sure about her. However, there was nothing obviously wrong with her, so she had got her certificate. Nobody could blame the inspector for that; she did appear to be as normal as a new-born baby ever looks. ... (68)" Undoubtedly,