Chrysalids Essay

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The Chrysalids Essay
In the novel 'The Chrysalids’ author John Wyndham address’ a post­apocalyptic society with his writing. In this society religion takes over the government and in order to survive it is crucial to follow the social norm. The way of social discrimination and prejudices in earlier time periods are criticized. The ways of the townspeople accurately describe how we as people discriminate against each other and the pressure there is to comply to a social ‘norm’.
People are discriminated against or even torture because of a physical or mental difference.
People are judged for the things they say. The citizens of Waknuk are forced to follow the ways of one man. The social norm takes away the townspeople's independence. People are discriminated against or even tortured because of physical or mental differences.When David, Rosalind and Petra escaped to the fringes, they come face to face with the Spider man, "‘He was thought to be normal until he was about three or four years old.
Then his certificate was revoked, and he was sent away.'...He stretched out his long arm…‘Do you know what the length of a man’s arm should be?’ ‘No,’ I admitted. ‘Nor do I. But somebody in Rigo does, some expert on the true image…’" (Wyndham{insert pg number}).
The people of Waknuk much like the people of our society, discriminate against another being due to a tiny physical difference in they're appearance, taking away the opportunity to be apart of the society at a very young age. ‘They’ve broken Katherine. They’ve broken her...Oh,
Katherine, dear…you mustn’t blame her, any of you. Please, please don’t blame her. They’re torturing her. It might have been any of us. She’s all clouded now. She can’t hear us…Oh
Katherine darling…’ (Wyndham). Physical abuse is used in order to scare Blasphemies hiding thought Waknuk and force Blasphemies to give away those they are trying to protect. Using shapes to communicate through the mind does not comply with the social norm and because of that in order to live in Waknuk hiding that difference is taking away the ability to use your imagination. People are judged for the things that they say. ‘I could have managed it alright by myself if I’d had another hand’…‘What was that you said, boy?’ I knew that tone. I tried to think in a desperate hurry how I had offended this time. I stumbled and stuttered…‘And you wished you had a third hand!’ ‘No, father. I only said if I had another hand.’…‘You­my own son­were calling upon the Devil to give you another hand!’… ‘Down on your knees! ’he commanded.
‘Kneel and pray!’…‘Lord, we have sinned in omission. We beg Thy forgiveness that we have not better instructed this child in Thy laws.’(Wyndham). Although David does not have three hands and is not considered a blasphemy, he is still scolded for the thought of being a blasphemy. Not only is the thought of being a blasphemy but the thought of keeping a blasphemy is atrocious. Aunt Harriett's boldness in asking Emily to help her is "'Worse still, you don’t show an atom of shame or remorse.’…‘Why should I? I’ve done nothing to be ashamed of. I am not ashamed – I am only beaten.’ ‘Not ashamed!’ repeated my father. ‘Not ashamed of producing a mockery of your Maker – not ashamed of trying to tempt