Chrystal Ezell Essay

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Chrystal Ezell
Week 5 Individual Work

New Technology in Law Enforcement New technologies can offer police many useful methods for combating criminal activity, with such tools as GPS and advanced communications systems. Technologies such as body armor and less-lethal projectiles also improved the safety of both police and the public. However, in an increasingly high-tech world, more and more crimes involve technologies and police must be prepared for them. Other wise sponsors a broad array of research and development of equipment and technology for police. Its research priorities are based on the needs of the law enforcement community. Both create new technology and evaluate technology all on the market for effectiveness and safety. Its evaluation programs are often conduct’s in real-world environments in partnership with local law enforcement and other outside entities. And also central in the development of standards for new technologies, such as ballistics standards for body armor. Or is committed to helping make new equipment and technology available to police throughout the country. Through outreach programs introduces for police to verify the new tools and offers variety of training programs on new technologies also provided ongoing technology assistance for police using advanced communications equipment. Police officers also have the geography h major influence on crime .And the features and characteristics of cityscapes and rural landscapes that can make it easier and