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October 27, 2011

Agnus White
201 Hollywood Drive
Los Angeles, California 90210

Dear Ms. Agnus White:

My name is Sarah Feaster and I am writing you at NBC today concerning a favorite TV show of mine, Chuck.

I understand that Chuck is renewing its last season, but followers around the globe raise their hands in protest and cry into their pillows at night- we want more Chuck! Of the many reasons for keeping the show after this season, perhaps the greatest is that thousands of viewers in many different countries depend on every episode, as seen in these comments from an online blog: “…Yeah Bulgaria really loves chuck so much…” “... I live in Portugal and the first time I saw Chuck I said to myself ‘I can't lose any episode’…’” “…Keep the seasons going. It is a great show and beats all these so called ‘reality’ TV shows…” “…plz give us a few more seasons…” “…Chuck is amazing. I'm from the UK and it had a great following here…” “…Long live Chuck!!!”

The beauty of the show is that it is like nothing else on TV. No other show has so consistently blended the spy/sitcom/rom-com genres in a way that is compelling, charming, exciting and original. The writers have allowed the characters room to grow and develop over the years. I personally enjoy the fact that NBC has portrayed marriage as a good thing, a rarity in modern television where “reality” and degrading family values seem to dominate. It is refreshing to finally be able to watch an entertaining