Chuck F Norris recommendation Essay

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1022 Takinnames St.
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December 6, 2012 1 line
USHOF Association
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To whom it may concern: 1 line
I hope my letter finds you well. I am writing on behalf of Mr. Chuck F. Norris, in order to recommend him for admittance into the United States Hall of Fame. I believe that you will find Mr. Norris’ qualifications significant, and that he would make a great addition to your society.

Mr. Norris obtained his training in Taking Names and Kicking You-Know-What from the Bruce Lee School for BA People. After spending four years working with Mr. Lee, he had obtained a black belt, and a degree in manliness. These skills successfully prepared him for a life of dominating others, and ruling the world.

After receiving his training, Mr. Norris went on to rid the world of criminals, corrupt politicians, and just people that annoy others in general. In all, Mr. Norris has eliminated 927 useless people, caused uncontrollable defecation in another 400, and strongly persuaded over 1000 people from committing crimes. I believe that this excellent exhibition of citizenship is just what is missing in your society, and could fill a very important role in your society

Aside from all of his vast qualifications, Mr. Norris is also a great man. If there is one thing I know about him, it is that he’s such a giver and lover. He would have no problem fitting in with the wide array of…