Chulito By Charles Rice-Gonzalez Analysis

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There are people out there in the world that live life as a double minority and a person that reflects the double minority life is a character named Chulito from the best-selling book Chulito. The novel Chulito by Charles Rice-Gonzalez is a story that talks about a guy named Chulito who is stuck with the mindset of what is truly manly and macho by being “tough” and not expressing any emotion that may make him appear as homosexual or “overly” girly. In the story, he is stuck with this frame of thinking despite having certain feelings for males, in particular, his best friend Carlos.

Even though he eventually proclaims the feelings he has towards Carlos, he still feels like he can’t be himself because of living in the hood, in particular, the Latino hood called El Barrio. In El Barrio, people would chastise and mock Chulito if he was out with his true emotions and feelings towards Carlos and would be called names such as maricon(faggot) and pato(duck) which is a Puerto Rican slur people use towards gay people who appear to act “too gay.” This is due to a common cultural theme machismo Because of those present obstacles he has in the neighborhood, he truly gets to understand what life is like as a double minority.

Because of the recent tragic shooting that I heard about in Orlando, Florida at a gay nightclub, it gave me the motivation to write about LGBT Latino
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In this research paper, I will cover the history of LGBT and Latino people, Chulito the book and its significance with LGBT Latinos and the interview I did with a queer Latino. Latino LGBT discrimination needs to be highlighted because Queer Latinos live life as a double minority and for that reason, there is a necessity in spreading awareness about the issues and establishing a strong cultural understanding.

Evaluating LGBT and Latino