Church Experiences Essay

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My church experiences were good nothing that was just completely random or unexpected happened. The most abstract thing to me was the attire worn to the New Life Christian Center. I arrived about 20 minutes late so I wasn’t able to hear them explain why they were dressed the way they were. So the entire service I was wondering is this what they wear every Sunday? I’m thinking to myself they are VERY rooted in Texas, like I’ve never seen this amount of Texas pride. The congregation at new Life was pretty diverse for the most part but even the black folks in the congregation were dressed in the cowboy attire so I was thinking they have to do this every Sunday because its not often that you see that many black people in western style cowboy clothing. Shortly after service one of my class mates explained why everyone was dressed th e way they were and that it had to do with the Childrens ranch they have for neglected and abused kids. So when I heard that I was like okay that’s actually pretty cool that everyone participated. I personally am not a big fan of a 30-45 minute long praise and worship, on my way to church I listen to some good gospel music. I’m usually alone in my car so I feel like God and I are having are own little praise and worship so by the time I get to church. If that church has a pretty long praise and worship my mood is just kind of like an “okay lets move on to the next part” I try not to get to negative just because I don’t want to ruin my time at church. There are times that praise and worship is good enough that I don’t mind the time frame at all as long as the choir doesn’t sing the chorus 30 times without singing any lyrics in between; after about the 40th “our God is Awesome” it loses a little bit of meaning. Being late to church I think I missed some of the earlier praise and worship and announcements because I came in as the church was collecting tithes. But even after the offering they went into praise and worship so it felt like I didn’t miss anything. I think the choir director at New Life was trying to get a little more shine than normal because…