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30 A.D. Jesus is crucified for treason against the Roman government
Jesus’ disciples report having seen Jesus alive and well.
Simon Peter proclaims the lordship of the risen Jesus at the Jewish gathering of Pentecost and 3,000 were added to the number of Jesus followers. (Book of Acts)
The followers of Christ begin a movement that embraces the sharing of life and goods with one another. Followers sold their goods and pooled it together to fund missionary trips to proclaim the lordship of Jesus as the risen messiah.
Simon Peter is seen as the overseer of the apostles, and James, the half brother of Jesus, was seen as the earliest leader in Jerusalem. (Galatians 1:18)
Some followers begin to question the traditions of Jewish law, and tensions with more traditional Jews begin to simmer making the Jesus movement controversial and provoking violence.
Acts 6:8- Stephen preaches the lordship of Christ, and he is brought before the high priests of the Jews. (Acts 7:51) Stephen challenged the interpretations of Torah and is stoned for his crimes against Judaism. He is stoned by a group.
Saul of Tarsus sees the stoning of Stephen, and Saul considers himself the biggest enemy of the Jesus movement.
Saul is a persecutor of the Jesus followers as heresy of Judaism. (Acts 8:1)
Acts 8:2 – Saul receives letters to go to Damascus in order to find Christians and bring them back to Jerusalem.
Saul is confronted by Jesus on his way to Damascus. Saul is struck blind and ministered to by a Christian. He converts and becomes a minister of the gospel.
Saul’s status as an apostle was questioned because Paul was not directly disciple to by Jesus.
Saul adopts a Roman name Paul and sets out to take the message of Jesus out to the gentile world.
Paul finds himself ministering to what are called “God-fearers”. God