Church: Middle Ages and Board Game Essay

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Medieval Church board game

( Group task

Hasbro the makers of Monopoly have decided to make a schools edition of this classic board game. Your task is to create a board game that fellow Year 7 students can play that will help develop their knowledge and understanding of why the Church was so important in the Middle Ages. The game must include at least 2 of the following topic areas: • the role of a medieval priest • life in a monastery • pilgrimage • Norman churches & cathedrals • Doom paintings

Working in groups of 4 or 5 maximum, you have 2 full lessons plus any intervening homeworks to complete the task. Lesson 3 will be spent playing and assessing the games. The best games will be sent to another class or school for their verdict.

Make sure your game includes the following features:

• It can be played in roughly 15 minutes • It involves 4-5 players • It has a board that players move around and counters for each player • There is a coin, spinning top or die that tells players how many places they should move forwards • There are clear written instructions – you won’t be able to explain the rules in person • There are chance cards or something similar that decide whether players progress or move backwards • It can be packed away and stored in a specially designed box

Your work will be assessed against 3 criteria:

• Does it help improve students’