Essay about Cigarette and Public Places

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All mankind have created free but they are social creations. They are free to do everything when they are alone, but not in a public place. They can not do everything they want. They have to respect for the laws and others' privacy. People have the right to inhale fresh and clean air especially in public places. Some people like to smoke cigarette. In some countries, smoking has banned by governments in all public places. I shall argue that why this should be banned.
Firstly, people struggle hard for their live and health. Health issue is a major topic for all people especially for those who have breath disease. Cigarette smoke is one of those matters which are harmful for both smokers and second-handed smokers.
Secondly, adolescences have more affected by society than by parents or families. When we let people do some bad habits, such as smoking, in a public place, they see them and will think that “why we should not try it?” They have curious temperament. They will tell themselves “its use will not be harmful for one time.” But unfortunately, cigarette has Nicotine and it cause to feel more relax, so it will persuade them to smoke more and more cigarettes.
In addition, when person live in a society, they have some social rights, for example they have the right to use from public places such as buses, subways, restaurants, etc. We should not restrict them by our behaviors for example by smoking in such public places. Unfortunately, the numbers of smokers are increasing