cigarette smoking Essay

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Raiford Blackwell
Ms. Rohrer
March 24, 2014 Rough Draft

There are many different types of fields within the culinary arts industry. For example there are a caterer, personal chef, and a culinary school instructor. I had never planned on entering the world of food, but once I did, I became amazed at what it had to offer me. The first career that I was interested in was a caterer. They usually work in their own kitchen preparing meals for large parties within a certain time period. They are often called for wedding and business parties. Also they are their own boss, controlling such things as the food cost and advertising their business. Next I wanted to become a personal chef. These chefs only cook for one or a couple clients, mainly family and friends. They work in the kitchen of their client. Also they prepare meals so that the client can reheat them later when the chef is not there. They also are their own business like the caterer. They have to deal with their food cost and marketing themselves as well if they want to be employed. Lastly I was thinking about becoming a culinary school instructor. This position requires years in a commercial kitchen and often a bachelors degree. They must know everything there is to know about food before they can teach someone else how to cook. They must have good people skills and know how to communicate with others. Also they have to want to help others and help them achieve the goal to becoming a great chef. In