Illegalization Of Tobacco

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Illegalization of Cigarettes

The reciprocated agreement of many is an agreement carried out about the illegalization of cigarettes that has many reasons pertaining to health. We tend to face many cases of cancer and dental work, while the insurance of the users’ increase, others who do not use tobacco products insurance remains average. While using these products, changes are made physically, emotionally, and mentally. It also affects the people around you, defining it as second hand smoke. The price of using tobacco faces many effects to the human body that can become addicting, which questions, “Why is there a need for it?”

Cancer is a difficult stage that can be preventable in the human life. There are many classifications of cancer, but with the use of tobacco this falls under lung cancer. The health of your body decreases, by your lungs blackening caused by the tobacco that you invite into your body. A symptom(s) that is indicated that you may be a candidate for getting tested for lung cancer is having a new cough, others are chest pain and shortness of breath. This minimizes the use of our body, and can prevent us for doing a number of things. Another health problem that mainly faces physical changes is in our dental office. We define this physical effect as, gum disease, which has a higher rate of users’ going in for root canal treatments. The teeth are changed to yellow and brown. It reduces the chance of fighting infection in the mouth and gums, and limiting the growth of blood vessels, slowing the healing of gum after oral surgeries. The physical effects can reduce in the attraction of yourself and lower your