Cigarettes: The Perks of Being a Smoker Essay

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Cigarettes: The New Black

Everyone attacks what an awful habit smoking is. In my experience, I have seen and had family members addicted to smoking. Many of them are very imaginative in their strategies to fuel their addiction. There seems to be no limit on the little perk one person can expect from picking up a pack of Newport’s and enjoying themselves a bit. First of all, you will be considered an important person. Nothing in the world is more fashionable than then teeth yellow like the golden sun, nicotine stained fingernails, and finally that lovely smoker’s yak. Anyone that tells you otherwise is just trying to steal your spotlight. After only one pack of the Newport’s, your hair, your clothes and especially your breath, will obtain a very pleasant odor. This odor has many pros. One of which provides the quality to repel unwanted people. On the other hand, smoking cigarettes icebreaker at a party. A person can approach they’ve been dying to talk to for months and ask her if she has a smoke or a light. She will appreciate the fact that someone seems interested in her, and is taking the time to ask her a question. There are many issues that smoking can correct; loose change that is lost between the couch cushions can provide you with new adventures considering those rising prices and taxes that target cigarettes, every cent is important. Cigarettes have become an expensive habit. Once an individual they get into it, they will not be able to eat, drink, or sleep. Speaking of not eating, smoking can help one lose weight. Food is not cheap anymore: the same price of a cheeseburger can also afford a pack of cigarettes. Of course, on a line of ten years, one will