Essay on Cima Mountaineering

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Recommendations for Cima Mountaineering:
There are essentially following five options available to Cima Mountaineering as explained below:
Alternative 1: Maintain status quo. This option is not being selected because it ignores the current market trends in the face of changing customer needs and wants. Also such an option does not address any of the issues presently facing Cima.
Alternative 2: Enter the Weekender segment as suggested by Margaret Simon. This option appears to be an attractive alternative, but it may put Cima’s Brand name and image as a manufacturer of quality shoes for Mountaineers and Hikers in jeopardy.
Alternative 3: Expand the presence in the current market segment by adding three new models to the existing ones as
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It is recommended that Cima should proceed with the development of the two lower end boots in the Summit line and the creation of two new lines of boots for the Weekender segment. The inclusion of less expensive boots for the Summit line will address the problem of retailers dropping Cima’s products because they are priced too high for their clientele. The boots for the Weekender segment will have tremendous revenue potential and give the company an access to a whole new base of customers. It is expected that the production of these four new models will generate significant returns for the company and will at the same time fit very well in the mission and scope of the company.
There would be a number of specific strategies which may need to be adopted for the successful implementation of a combination product strategy which is being suggested for Cima. Some specific recommendations in this regard are as follows: * Alter the branding strategy to effectively penetrate the Weekender segment. As explained earlier in this note, one of the primary concerns of Cima’s management regarding the production of a line of boots for the Weekender segment is that the presence of lower priced boots would compromise the positioning strategy of the company as the premier, high quality provider. If Cima creates a new brand name for the