Cincinatti Seasonings Essay

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The Cincinnati Seasonings Supply Chain is a mockup of a supply chain to support a company that designs and markets food seasonings and sells its products in stores throughout the United States. The purpose of the case study was to familiarize students with setting up a supply chain and simulate its operations. The thought process was to define the product and set up the facilities, vehicles, and routes to have an effective and efficient supply chain. The challenge for the entire exercise was to get the Supply Chain to run continuously for thirty days or more, without interruption or running out of product. Cincinnati Seasonings is a family owned and operated business; the founder was born and raised in Ohio. Cincinnati is
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Shortening the routes and delivery times could have benefitted the company as a whole. When the simulation began, it was difficult because, it seemed like I would attempt to fix one problem, but it led to the creation of another problem, which added additional costs. Another issue that occurred was not having enough product on hand and not having the storage space to maintain the product. Therefore, it was an adjustment in the numbers in trying to get the correct balance.
Is it better to expand the existing factory to support demand from the new stores or better to keep existing factory as is and build a new factory closer to the new stores? Thinking about the scenario it would be in the best interest of the company to build a new factory along the route between the stores. Building a new factory could possibly work on reducing delivery time, cut down on fuel costs, as well as decrease the amount of trucks being utilized based on the location of the factory. Building a new factory will be more expensive than upgrading or repairing the current factory but, the downfall is the existing factory is farther away from the brand new stores and it will take longer for the product to reach the final destination. Building a new factory will be in the best interest of the company because it will be centrally located to the stores, delivery of Spicy