Cinderalla Man Essay

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Haley Salyers
U.S. History
7th hr.
Mrs. Penninger
February 9, 2015
Cinderella Man
In the movie Cinderella Man the Braddock family went through a lot of trials and tribulations. James “Jimmy” Braddock was an avid boxer also Irish, Mae was his wife they had three beautiful kids together. Four years into the depression, they were having some trouble paying their bills because Mae didn’t work an Jim wasn’t getting a lot of fights so he was working odds and ends jobs but it just wasn’t cutting it. Not only were they having a hard time paying their bills but they were having a hard time feeding the family as well. Being that it was four years into the great depression work was getting harder and harder to find, down on the docks they were taking less and less people to work! Jim had a fight and got injured in ’29 he broke his hand, he was later kicked out of the boxing club because they said his fight was an embarrassment, Jim begged an pleaded to let him stay because it was hard as it is to pay the bills an feed his kids he brought up the fact that even though he knew that his hand was broke he still got out there an fought shouldn’t that be enough for them to let him stay in the boxing club? A couple of days later their electricity got shut off because they were four months passed due, Howard one for the eldest children started to become very sick. They had no heat nothing in the house to keep them warm they were using candles as light. Mae decided to send the two boys to her fathers and Rosie to her sisters, she knew that they would be safe there and Howard would be able to get better. Jim comes home from work an gets really upset when Mae tells him what she has done, the reason he gets so upset is because he promised Howard that they weren’t going to send him and his siblings away Jim said he wasn’t going to let Mae break his promise to his son. Jimmy goes to FERA (federal emergency relief administration) office to get enough money to pay the electric bill so he can get his kids back; Jim goes into the boxing commission to tell them what is going on. The boxing commission donated money to help Jim get his electric back on to get the kids back and he did. Jimmy got offered another fight and if he won he got $150 which would help the family out tremendously, he won the fight an after he won he got told that he might have a chance to go back to boxing so they scheduled him for another fight. Braddock gets to fight John Henry Lewis; Jim beats Lewis and gets more fights, since Jim was getting more fights he saved up enough money to pay back his relief money. Braddock’s final opponent is a jerk, says he will kill Jim in the ring so Mae doesn’t want him to fight again she is very nervous about the fight. Max Bear was Jims next opponent, the arena was so quite you could hear a mouse on his walk to the ring. The two of them go all twelve rounds, it was a very vivacious fight.