Essay on Cinderella: Family and Evil Cinderella

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Once upon a time there was a 15 year old girl named Cinderella and she was very evil to her two step sisters Cinderella made her sisters clean the house from top to bottom since it was still Cinderella’s house her father died of a heart attack so her step mother came and took care of her. Cinderella’s real mother abandons her when she was about 9 and 10. Her stepmother did not really pay attention to what was going on in that house she only cared about herself. The two prince's handed out papers to have a royal ball at his Cassel and Cinderella had a good idea to go in the two step sisters closet they had at least to good pretty dresses to wear so Cinderella took one of each and therefore the girls can all go until Cinderella was not satisfied with what she was wearing and she got jealous and came up with a long cleaning list for the two stepsisters to do while Cinderella go and work her magic on the prince and try to impress him. The two stepsisters thought that were very unfair but they were not brave enough to say anything to Cinderella. So Cinderella and her stepmother went to the ball and had a good time while the two stepsisters cleaned and their tiers drop down their faces, then a sparkling light came into midair there was the fairy god mother of the stepsisters came and asked why they look so sad and why are they not all dressed up for the ball trying to win the heart of the two prince's they both tolled the fairy god mother that Cinderella stuck them with a cleaning list. The fairy god mother did not like what they told her so she worked her fairy magic and ''POOFED'' them to look and smell clean and beautiful and gave them each a pretty mask to wear so evil Cinderella can't tell it’s them. Then fairy god mother turned a tree into a hummer car and the woods rats into a car driver. And the fairy god mother warned them to be back before Cinderella comes home and before 11:00 because that’s when the magic wear off the stepsister said but what about the choirs that she gave us, then the fairy god mother cleaned the house from top to bottom now go have some fun and remember what I told you be home before 11:00. They then hurried into the car and drove off to the ball. They saw Cinderella standing by the two prince’s annoying them to death. The two prince's finally got away from Cinderella and walked up to the stepsisters and asked are they having fun trying to make conversion with the girls, and they continued to talk and got to know each other and liked each other but Cinderella did not like what was going on and pulled one of the prince to her and asked him do want to dance and he said yes but not with you, with her and the