Cinderella Man Biography

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Istvan Benedekfi My newest story which I read is the Cinderella Man. It is a real story about Jim Braddock’s life. He had a very unique life. His story talked about the essential questions such as love, job and fight. These three things preserved him. I admire Jim Braddock because he was able to be alive in every circumstance. First of all, he had a beautiful family. His wife Mae was fond of him. They met in childhood. They had three children. Mae did not like Jim’s job because of the fighting. Jim was a champion in heavy-weight before The Great Depression. He had a lot of matches and his wife feared for him. She loved Jim and did not want to lose her husband. In addition, the box was one part of Jim’s life. He liked it very much. He always earned a lot of from the box. Jim enjoyed the box and he never feared. He had a great fan clubs which supported him. The box was very dangerous at this time. Sometimes people died in the ring, but Jim was very string and he did not fear for anybody. Moreover, I regard Jim a hero. At this time when most of people lost their jobs he was able to keep it. The Great Depression caused this terrible situation. The market stock crash was on the “Black Tuesday”. Most of banks were closed and people could not reach their money. Meanwhile Jim could find another job. He worked at the docks and it was very hard. He never gave up and took care about his family even in the hardest times. In conclusion, I am very happy because I knew